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English Guide Book

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1English Guide Book Empty English Guide Book on 3/1/2017, 10:27 pm

Hello Skypian!
If you have any problem, please check this guide book first.

But if you cannot find the answer for your questions here, please ask them either on the forum's help&advice section or on discord chat.
Also, please join our discord as long as you can if you want the latest updates/restarts information.

If your Full Client is not latest one(4.20 is latest), please redownload the new full client from the link below.

1. About SkypiaOnline
2. Download/Start game
3. For those who are playing private server for the first time.
4. Tutorial(Important)
5. Our Features
7. Japanese guild
8. Job
9. Others

1.About SkypiaOnline(Click to check):

Skypia Online is Pre-BigBang MS v83 server with v62 Maps&Jobs.
The rates are Exp4x Drop3x Meso2.
The rates are 1/1/1 when the job is still Beginner that is below level 11.
Although the version is pre bigbang, we have some feature coming from higher version like Lion heart Castle and cosmetic equipment and styles.

The server is mixed with JMS & GMS, but please don't worry about not knowing any Japanese since all the NPCs talk English.

2.Download & Start Game:

Download our latest full client here.
If somehow SkypiaOnline isn't starting, please check the things below:

1. Is the internet connected properly?

2. Is the server online? (If Yes/No Error comes up, means its offline. Checking the website's number of active people also can help tell this.)

2. Your account/IP/MacIP is probably banned.

3. Your Anti-Virus probably deleted the client or full client (Windows Defender also delete them about once every month or more).

4.Your OS doesn't fit with the client. First, please try to start the game through the normal exe (SkypiaOnline.exe) without any compatibility edits, if it doesn't work, please try to start game with 'SkypiaOnlineWin7.exe'.

If it's still not working, try  to change the compatibility of the 'SkypiaOnlineWin7.exe' to win7 or anything lower until you can start game.

If it still doesn't work, please ask about it on discord.


JapaneseUI(Optional) for people who wants to learn Japanese.
Click here to down load(Google Drive)
Some things in your game will be Japanese.
Please overwrite it inside your full client folder (SkypiaOnline folder).

If the Japanese is 'mojibake'-ing (broken letters/characters), please check this out to view the Japanese chat in game properly, this is specially good if you want to view the game better/cleaner.

3.For those who are playing private server for the first time.:

The 2 big difference between private server and official server are:

1.The amount of players.
Private server's community is smaller than the official one.

2.Charge system.
Generally private servers don't really have the pay to win system.
NX can be recieved through voting (8000NX/Day).
Also you can change your style anytime by the command @style.
Voting can be done here.
Please check here to know how to support the server.

4. Tutorial(Important):

1.SkypiaOnline has original Job advancement system:
1st Job Advancement.
2nd Job Advancement.
3rd Job Advancment.
4th Job Advancement.

2.Budget potions (Only for lower levels)
We offer budget potions for people who just started playing SkypiaOnline.

Check this to see how to get them.

Gachapon is available for 1000NX each.
This is where/how to gachapon at Skypiaonline.

4.HP Washing
You don't need Mana/INT for hp washing.
AP reset is much cheaper than other server here.
Please checkhere to see how to HP wash.

5.How to get  to level 30.
Sample Guide

6.Maple Weapons
Lv35 Weapons - Obtainable from KPQ reward of buying at FreeMarket.
Lv43 Weapons - Upgradable with a level 35 one in MeisterVille.
Lv64 Weapons  - Upgradable with a level 43 one in MeisterVille.

7.How to earn mesos when you just started playing the game.
Since the Drop rate is 3, Meso rate is 2, it's not really hard to earn mesos alone but you can earn mesos easily by:

-Selling Event Token in Free Market (for 2 to 3m).
You can get Event token from winning Auto event(Every 3hrs) or GM Events.
-Selling Berry that is rarely dropped by all monsters. (1 to 2m)
-Selling items from Gachapon.

You can buy Hired Merchant for only 50k from NPC Nicos who's on right side of FM.

6. Our Feature:

Our feature is basically mixed with JMS and GMS plus some original Skypia feature.

  1. Frequent Auto/GM events.
  2. Many Japanese players (around 50% of the current population).
  3. No 2x exp coupon.
  4. Hired Merchants can be bought with mesos starting from 50k.
  5. Adjusted monsters in Zipangu or Ninja Castle.
  6. All PQs reward/exp are buffed.
  7. All the bosses exp are buffed.
  8. Many bosses like Ravana/Von Leon/Zakum/Horntail/Tokyo Bosses.
  9. Only Explorer jobs are available (No Aran and Cygnus Knights)
  10. Level cap is 250.

We have original scrolls for fairness.
STR / LUK for Helm(10,30)%
STR+3 / +LUK+3
STR / LUK for Helm(60,70)%
STR / INT / LUK for shoes(10,30)%
STR+3 W.def +5/ INT3,M.def+5  /LUK 3, avoidability +5
STR / INT / LUK for shoes(60,70)%
STR+1W.def +2/INT+1,M.def+2/LUK+1, avoidability+2

Chaos scroll
They are pretty rare since they can be really over powered.
You can get them from 2 gachapons that are available, or dropped by Female boss(Anego)/ Lyka, Zakum.

Boss point system.
You can exchange boss's etc in MeisterVille.
Evolving Ring system.
You can exchange it in MeisterVille.

All the bullets are available for Lvl 10.

Player commands can be checked here

7.Japnese Guild:

There's only 1 Japanese Guild so far.
If you wanna join, please say
日本のギルドに入りたいです。(I wanna join Japanese guild)
in JP chat on Discord.
FYI:They're not really good at English so you need to learn Japanese to communicate with them properly.
But we all love people who's trying to learn Japanese^^*

8. Job/Skills:

Only Explorers are available now.
(Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief and Pirate)
The skills are rebalanced, and you don't need to add int for HP washing so please play the Job you like the most.
If you don't really have a favorite job, I recommend you to play Cleric(Magician) until you find the one that you want to play.

Skill Edits.

9.Original Maps:


Free Market
You can go there anytime by the Skypia button on the bottom right of your screen.
(Not available in MapleIsland)

Our main town.
You can go anytime by the portal on the big tree in Free Market.

How to go to SkyForest:

Event Mall(Animate)
Located in the biggest building found on the upper middle part of Commercia.

Night Market.
This is where to buy budget pots and all cure potion.
Mushroom Shrine can be accessed by the portal on the shrine gate.


Warp NPC
Free Market upper right

Gender change NPC
Commercia upper left

Character Deletion NPC
Commercia hidden room

Currency (ETC)
Berry: To be spent on gender change, warp to any town, materials to create/craft something.
Event Token: To be spent on the Event Mall

10. Others:

Boss Drop rate is 4x
Quest Exp rate is 5x.

All the bosses above level 100 and all party quests are buffed.

Available PQs
Kerning party Quest
Ludibrium Party Quest
Pirate Party Quest

Drop item information
bbb hidden street
The information is not exactly same, but most of them are right.

To make mesos more worth, the selling price of equips more than lvl50's are halved.
For example:
Red Katana 250k(Default)> 125k

NPCs that disconnects players on their first click:
SkyYard Neinhert(Riding seller NPC)
EventMall Bomu weapon/shield(NX) seller NPC)
2nd click won't dc anymore

Temporary glitch fixes
If monster don't drop items or give exp, please forfeit all your "In progress" Quests.

Common bugs
If you lack stars/bullets, you cannot damage mobs even you can throw/shoot it.
If your any inventory is full, you cannot pick items.

You can join auto event when server time is multiple of 3 o'clock and 0am.
0AM,3AM,6AM,9AM,12PM,3PM,6PM,9PM,12PM (PST)
Multi client / creating multi accounts are allowed.
So if lack pq member, please try make another character.
KPQ lvl21 above.
LPQ lvl35 above.
PPQ lvl55 above (55-119 temporarily)

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