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1Rules(English) Empty Rules(English) on 1/19/2017, 10:42 pm


“I didn’t know it” or claiming ignorance is not acceptable so read and understand the terms in this page properly to play.

This server is unofficial and private made by a group of interested members.

There’re a lot of people who do not like unofficial or private server so do not post about this server anywhere except for the place related to unofficial/private servers.

To avoid making loss for official server as much as possible, do not play this server if you were playing for the past 13 months, currently playing and planning to play official server in the future. This is strictly prohibited.

It may seem I’m repeating myself, please read this rules carefully under any circumstances to avoid annoying/offending/ or be a nuisance to other people.

Also, please note that we cannot be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles.

Finally thanks for understanding and we are glad if you are enjoying SkypiaOnline -Skypia staffs-

January 19th 2017, we are still in beta so do not expect too much about the functionality of the server. Most of the quests except for main party quests are not working so far.

If you find any glitches or bugs, please report to the support forum.

Contact us
The place for players is this forum.
If you contact us, do not forget to note your ign.
If you have private question, please pm any the Admin or GMs.


We know that anyone are able to use hacking programs. However, we have auto ban, hack notification and highest damage recording system, so do not even try to use it if you are planning to play this server for a long term.
Do not play if you cannot greet/give gratitude.
Do not harass, bully or ignore anyone.
As common sense, you would get banned for not only going against the rules but also being rude or impolite.


Our basic rules are only 5.

[1] Do not post about this server except for the place related to private/unofficial server.
[2] Do not hack/bot/dupe/edit wz/edit packet/share your account/abuse any glitches.
*[3] Report any glitches as soon as possible upon encounter.
[4] Do not decide by yourself about the minor rules or unwritten rules. Ask the staff/GMs first.
[5] Let’s all have fun and play together!


Our basic penalties are 5 likewise.

1st class: Ban. IP and Mac Address permanent ban.
-Deadly vicious crime like going against rules [1] and [2].
-Trading with real world currency.
-Getting 2nd class penalty for the 2nd time.

2nd class: Ban. IP and Mac Address temporary ban (1 to 30 days)
-Going against rule [3] and [4]
-Scamming people
-Unprogrammed botting like holding key with any kind of object that is not your body.

3rd class: Jail. Be jailed in game (1 to 30 days)
-Going the against rule [5]
-Hate speeches
-Low level of glitch abuse or against rules [3] and [4].

4th class: Fine. Pay in game currency up to your committed sin.
-Spamming smegas / chat.
-low level of hate speech, bullying or making people bad mood on purpose.
- Getting warning for the 3rd time.

5th class: Warning.
-Sexual harassment including in same gender.

There are always exceptions on these rules.

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