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Budget Pots for beginners / 低価格で初心者向けの薬

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Hi. If you are beginner, you would be lack of mesos for buying pots.
So pleases check this out.

To get budget pots, you have to go to Kaya Night Market.

[Free Market]
1 Please go to Free Market by Skypia button beside Cash shop.(You need to finish tutorial to go.)

When you enter FM, Please go right side the portal on the tree.

2. If you entered the portal on tree, you will warp to Commercia which is our main town.

3.Please go to left side and go down until you can see this NPC.

[Night Market Harbor]
Now you must be in Night market harbor if you talked to Brown Beard.
If you cannot talk to NPC, please @dispose to dispose.
Then enter the portal beside you to go Night Market.

[Kaya Night Market]
There you go, you are in Night Market now.
Please keep going to left side to find the Pot seller.

If you found a Yoo Yoo, Talk to her to buy budget pots! Very Happy

*You can go back to FM by Skypia Button (It doesn't save your location if you use the button in Skypia).

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日本語訳(Japanese translation)


低価格の薬は、夜市場(Night Market)で手に入ります。

[Free Market]
1 右下にあるSKypiaボタン(pショップのとなり)を使用してフリマに入ってください。

2. そのポータルに入ると、コマーシというオリジナルの町にいけます。


[Night Market Harbor]

[Kaya Night Market]
ずっと左側にいくと、NPC Yoo Yooがいるので低価格ポーションを買うことができます。



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