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How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職

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1How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 Empty How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 on 2/1/2017, 9:23 pm

When you got lv30, you have to go to Sky Yard to get 2nd job.
This is the way to go Sky yard

There's 2 place that Mushmom exist.
[1]Hidden street Someone else's house.
[2]Somewhere in Sky Forest

1.Go to Free Market 1st.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 M7z4si

2.Keep climbing up the bean sock(Giant Jack) until here.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 R8bcdv

3.Go up and enter portal on Tree!
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 8zqxw1

4.You will know how to pass 2nd job advancement!
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 2jbs9a9

5.Now, lets defeat a Mushmom!(If you know the place, you can skip the below.)

6,Go to henesys.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 33l2rgp

7, go up till here and enter the portal besides you.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 21kz9kk

8,After enter the portal,you are in map called An empty house.
ポータルへ入ったら、An empty houseというマップにつくので
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 Xzxj4

9,go to left top portal
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 29xhgf9

10,After enter, keep going right side till here!and enter the portal.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 1zg9mbp

11.alright if you are in this map then go up! and enter the portal.
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 T4xmaq

12.Now, Mushmom is there!
How to get 2nd job? - 2次転職 2iu2g48

13,Ask your friend for help if you cant defeat by yourself and get mushmom's spore!
もし一人で倒せない場合は友達またはディスコードで援助要請してください(Please someone help me to kill mushmom.といえば伝わることがあります。)
14 Congrats!this is how you pass 2nd job advancement Very Happy

ps you can find mushmom somewhere in skyforest too Very Happy

Enojoy all Very Happy
それではSkypia をお楽しみください!

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