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View Japanese in game (System Locale) 日本語化

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ステップ 1


ステップ 2


ステップ 3


ステップ 4


ステップ 5

Change  system localeまたはシステムローケルの変更(C)があるはずです。

ステップ 6





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Hello everyone,
As you already know, this server is half Japanese. This is a guide to help you out on getting rid of those broken characters in game. I believe this could affect your immersion towards the game. I really recommend doing this as it won't really change so much on your computer. (System locale handles the main Language used for non-unicode programs) Don't worry,it wont change the language of your computer  Very Happy

Step 1

Open Control Panel.

Step 2

Choose Clock, Language, and Region.

Step 3

Under Region, choose change location.

Step 4

On the new pop up window for Region, go to the Administrative tab.

Step 5

Click on the Change System Locale button.

Step 6

Then, change the language to Japanese(Japan).

And Finally, restart your computer to apply the changes.

For those who are interested about Japanese Characters,
there is a guide on the tutorial section about how each syllable converts to a Japanese Character.


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Do i have to install the Ui.wz?  I did change the region to Japan, but it still shows ????? ingame. I have windows 7 and i also did restart the computer alot after the change. Since i write in Japanese sometimes i also have jp-keyboard settings and language pack. But in maple it never shows japanese letters :S. I already tried to change everything into Japanese, even clock time and stuff, but it doesnt works in maple^^

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Make sure what you change is system locale.
Unless you do, keyboard setting and others does not matter.

here is a picture:

View Japanese in game (System Locale) 日本語化 UArj0Nx

You probably changed the your location to japan instead?
And no,you dont have to install japanese Ui.wz unless you want your key setting and other stuffs in japanese.

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Thank you very much Maya! Smile It seems like i changed everything to Japanese besides this ^_^ I use german windows, here its called "Verwaltung" while Administration is also used for some other area, so i got confused. Your picture was really helpfull and i hope it will help people with other language version of windows aswell. By the way, iam really excited about the dual text in english and japanese. Thats really great work, and will help people like me to learn alot Very Happy

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Thanks guys, all this really helped and now I can view Japanese in-game.
But, I still can't type in japanese.

What do I do? :l

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Can you see Japanese on the chat log when you do the command @jp?
Or when you do @jp it still shows broken characters?

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I'm sorry, I just realized I need to press enter to see the japanese. Thanks a lot and sorry!

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