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1Suggestions - Empty Suggestions - on 5/23/2017, 6:57 pm


Since there is no proper forum to put this, I'll leave this here.

I'd like to suggest a few things for the server and forums.
As I have noticed, there are new players joining everyday and usually the first thing they do is check the forums and discord for any advice or help.

My first suggestion is to have a better forum site to use.
As the current one now is not exactly user friendly and can seem a bit hard to navigate through with all the extra stuff around the site.
Suggestions - ZAg6luc
Suggestions - Cf5I6pD

Personally I like to use https://www.vbulletin.com/ for a forum.
The forum itself can take a few days to get used to but once you've settled in with the basics it's extremely easy to use.

There are other options like https://xenforo.com/ as well which is a more modern type of forum.

With a growing server such as Skypia, I feel as though investing into a new forum that is user friendly is a great big first step to take.

Along with this comes other suggestions tied into forums.
And that would be to add proper sections and sub-forums.
Such as...

  • Introductions & Farewells
    General Discussions
    Off Topic (technically the same thing as spam)

A few examples as to why I suggest this is because of the following:

Example 1 (http://skypia.forumotion.com/t72-hello-skypia)
Example 2 (http://skypia.forumotion.com/t192-uhh-theres-no-intro-page-so-ima-post-mine-here-lmao)
Example 3 (http://skypia.forumotion.com/t159-rates-are-too-low-make-them-comparable-to-kpq)
Example 4 (http://skypia.forumotion.com/t90-achievement-thread)

All in all, not only will this help players feel more at ease rather than confused when they come to the forums, it will help decrease clutter on Discord.
As I've noticed because there are no proper section to put things like Suggestions, or Introductions, etc. Players feel the need to flood the Admins PMs with ideas. Or they post bugs reports, and other things in discord that could be utilized on forums.
I see Discord to be more of a LIVE chat application.
Where as forums is something that is more 24/7 where players can respond on their own time.

My next suggestion is about an exchange item in-game.
The item I am referring to is called "Verth" which can be used to exchange into items by talking to 'Loha' at Sandia Camp.
Verth is only dropped from Monsters within Sandia Camp.
It looks like this!
Suggestions - SSwqh96

From what I can tell, the only things you can get from this exchange is anything HP based.

Suggestions - 7Zc4Bcv

Which in most or all cases is pretty useless.

I myself do not scroll items with HP scrolls and neither have I seen anyone who has.

Instead of suggesting for scrolls like Chaos or something, I feel as though suggesting for Buff Potions / Power Elixirs / Elixirs is more fitting.

Such as...
1 Verth = 10 Elixirs / 5 Power Elixirs / or 1 random Buff Potion.
Most of the good buff potions currently can be bought at the Anime Event Mall but for a pretty hefty price.
Which I'm sure most players do not want to invest their Event Tokens in.

Now I'm not saying this is EXACTLY what I want and how I want it.
The rates and quantity is not my decision to make but rather I'm throwing ideas out there for food for thought.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

TL:DR - New forum
Add proper sections
Revamp exchange for the Verth ETC

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2Suggestions - Empty Re: Suggestions - on 6/1/2017, 12:24 pm


Suggestions - 6548439

GPQ Pls.

1.) incentive for players to get certain skill books
2.) more intimate gameplay with guildmates and friends
3.) support more guild things
4.) it's fun and why not, literally tell me why not.

please and ty.

crimsonwood keep pq too maybe?

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