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IGN Change - 名前の変更

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1 IGN Change - 名前の変更 on 4/14/2017, 1:40 am

If you wish to change your ign, please post the application here.

*Any kind of change such as capitalizing will cost the same.
*Any offensive/inappropriate names are not allowed.
*You can exchange 2 of your characters' name for same fee.
*You can change your ign to more than 4 letters.

Fee:7 Extols /50 Event Tokens.

[IGN Change Request]
Current IGN:
Desired IGN:
Payment Type:



料金:7 Extols 又は 50 Event Token.


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2 IGN on 6/17/2017, 8:16 pm


Current IGN: iislander
Desired IGN: Islander
Payment Type: Extols
I made Islander on the same account as iislander to hold the IGN.


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