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Hyper Body skill

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1Hyper Body skill Empty Hyper Body skill on 4/6/2017, 12:22 pm

IGN/JOB/LV: Cold Spearman 61.
Type of Bug: Broken skill.

When I rebuff Hyper Body and my hp is full, my current HP goes back to original max hp base.
For example if I have 4000 max hp without hyper body and 6300 buffed. If my character is at 6300/6300 hp and I rebuff, my hp will go instantly to 4000/6300 (added a gif below to make it clear).

Minor effect : Faster potion burnout
Major effect : In areas where my party needs HB to survive they might die regardless of me buffing them in time or not.

The time it happened: Constant.
Hyper Body skill 6a89f4f3aaa82732cbbde99f79641e2a

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