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Some minor defect

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1Some minor defect Empty Some minor defect on 3/19/2017, 1:03 am

IGN/JOB/LV: Yellow, Cleric, 32
Type of Glitch or Bug: i guess its glitch?
Assumed reason of the glitch: (not sure wether this is glitch or bug)
i just started this game and i was grinding at eos tower. i went to the fm -> kaya nightmarket and without knowing anything and entered this portal
and ended up in zipangu and unable to go back to ludi. now i have to take another 30 minutes from elinia->orbis->ludi which is annoying since the only option available in zipangu are go to perion or kerning city. so yeah.
sorry for my ignorance. maybe im new and dont really know the way in and way out of this server. please forgive me if i did anything wrong
Cheers Smile

The time it happened: 3.50pm gst+8

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2Some minor defect Empty Re: Some minor defect on 3/19/2017, 9:23 pm

That zipangu free portal is actually a feature of our server.
Once you enter zipangu from the nightmarket, it will be a free warp to Kerning city, or wherever town you saved on Spinel. The best advantage you can get from this is entering Spinel from Ludibrium, thus saving the map Ludibrium to Spinel's warp. This way, you can go to ludi by going to Mushroom Shrine only through nightmarket or peri(bird at kerning) and then talk to Spinel at the shrine.

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